River North District Master Plan

San Antonio, Texas

Client: Downtown San Antonio Community Development Corporation

This master plan establishes a 375-acre transit-oriented development immediately north of Downtown San Antonio connected to the historic Riverwalk to the south. The adopted master plan includes a form-based code and a detailed implementation strategy, transforming an underutilized area into walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods. The plan’s central idea is to extend the Riverwalk northward to generate a new real estate dynamic. Broadway is converted from a wide highway to a multi-modal street with generous sidewalks and a new streetcar. Neighborhood preservation and infill strategies protect and renew historical buildings while promoting growth. A new performing arts district and a major plaza fronting the San Antonio Museum of Art establishes River North as a vibrant, creative neighborhood.

“The River North Master Plan, led by Moule & Polyzoides, was the most comprehensive master planning initiative ever undertaken by the City of San Antonio and their private sector leadership partners. The Plan was the first in San Antonio to embrace the principles of the New Urbanism and was recognized by that organization with a Charter Award in the year it was completed. The RN Plan has been adopted as a component of the City’s Master Plan and called for and resulted in a re-zoning of the majority of the Plan area utilizing a form-based code that has been approved and is in effect for the Plan area. The overall master plan process was truly inspirational, educational and will transform how development is addressed and takes place in San Antonio’s future.”

Ben Brewer III, President, San Antonio Downtown Community Development Corporation