• Veraguas, Republic of Panama: Located on a hilly site in Panama with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, Altos de Morrillo fronts one of the best surfing beaches in Central America.

  • Cocuye, Republic of Panama: Envisioned as a world class tropical resort and an exemplar of sustainable urbanism, Coral Bay Resort is located on a spectacular coral-laden natural sea cove near the islands of San Blas in northern Panama.

  • Le Chaland, Mauritius: Located on 95 acres of spectacular beachfront in southeast Mauritius, Le Chaland consists of a range of housing types designed in response to local climate and social customs.

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates: This 77-acre, 400-unit neighborhood, part of the 20-square-mile Arabian Canal City in Dubai, was conceived in response to a need for housing for foreign workers.

  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Situated along a marina in Abu Dhabi, this 400-room luxury hotel features a variety of suites and penthouses, high-end retail, conference facilities, world-class restaurants, a luxury spa and a yacht club.

  • Hercules, California: Hercules Town Center, a mixed-use transit-oriented development just north of San Francisco, integrates a proposed train and ferry terminal into the City’s fabric and defines a mixed-intensity residential quarter that cascades to San Pablo Bay.

  • Ventura, California: The new master plan and form-based code for the 50-year-old, 330-acre Ventura Harbor District encourages new development, enhances recreation and establishes a highly sustainable infrastructure.

  • Al Aqair, Saudi Arabia: This new 600-acre town on the Arabian Bay is set among the traditional pearl farming and trading villages of eastern Saudi Arabia.

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Located on a breakwater surrounding the Palm Deira, an extension to the heart of downtown Dubai, the Palm Deira Crescent Module separates the area’s private lagoons from the Persian Gulf.

  • Island of Anguilla, British West Indies: Designed as an Old World, mixed-use seaside village, the resort community of Porto Temenos serves as a retail, commercial and recreation center for the Caribbean island of Anguilla.

  • Sarasota, Florida: The New College of Florida Master Plan includes over one million square feet of new building are along with new academic quadrangles and sustainable landscapes.

  • Biloxi, Mississippi: After the ravages of Hurricane Katrina, Moule & Polyzoides was invited to participate in a national charrette to provide emergency urban design services for the reconstruction of Biloxi.

  • Idaho Falls, Idaho: Located on the banks of the Snake River close to historic downtown Idaho Falls, Taylor Crossing is a compact and walkable traditional neighborhood development.

  • Santa Monica, California: Badly damaged by the Northridge earthquake, this 1920s beach front estate designed by Julia Morgan has been restored and transformed into a community center with a restaurant, public gathering places and an interpretive center.


  • A presentation of key principles of town-center and transit-oriented design, followed by a crit on work under way in the core of Yanchep New Town.

  • Stefanos delivered the keynote presentation at CNU 22 about the CNU-sponsored study undertaken by Moule & Polyzoides to convert Buffalo's Inner Harbor Freeway into a boulevard while transforming the surrounding 400 acres fronting Lake Erie into a series of new neighborhoods and districts.



  • New Urban News reports about how our River North District Master Plan will revitalize an underutilized 377-acre precinct and extend San Antonio's beloved Riverwalk.

  • The Los Angeles Times reports about the controversy between New Urbanist and Modernist architects stirred by the post-Hurricane Katrina charrette in Biloxi.

  • New York Times article about the national charrette that provided emergency urban design services for the reconstruction of Biloxi, Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina.