• Redlands, California: The University Village at the University of Redlands is a town-gown project centered on the terminus station of the soon-to-be-built Redlands Passenger Rail Project.

  • Montclair, California: The North Montclair Transit Village Specific Plan mitigates the City’s sprawl by establishing a framework and development strategy for a pedestrian-oriented retail and residential district surrounding the city’s regional transit center.

  • Plaisance, Mauritius: A new 45-acre city center adjacent to the international airport in Mauritius, Plaisance Aeroville comprises two distinct places: a mid-rise retail and office campus and a low-rise mixed-use village.

  • Le Chaland, Mauritius: Located on 95 acres of spectacular beachfront in southeast Mauritius, Le Chaland consists of a range of housing types designed in response to local climate and social customs.

  • Kalu Yala, Republic of Panama: A 46-acre sustainable village located in central Panama, Kalu Yala's development is based on principles of environmental conservation and preservation.

  • Freeport, New York: The Building a Better Freeport Vision Plan has become a regional and national model for revitalizing aging commercial corridors with transit-oriented development to establish economic vitality and community place-making.

  • Island of Anguilla, British West Indies: Designed as an Old World, mixed-use seaside village, the resort community of Porto Temenos serves as a retail, commercial and recreation center for the Caribbean island of Anguilla.

  • Santa Fe, New Mexico: Inspired by the form of Southwestern cordillera villages, a single pedestrian-friendly street dominates Santa Fe Foothills, with plazas surrounded by housing at each of the site’s entrances.