• Veraguas, Republic of Panama: Located on a hilly site in Panama with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, Altos de Morrillo fronts one of the best surfing beaches in Central America.

  • David, Republic of Panama: La Fontana Town Center is a 100-acre district organized around four programmatic elements: a main street, a medical quarter, an educational quarter and a residential quarter.

  • Arraijan, Panama Oeste, Republic of Panama: Costa del Oeste project is the first New Urbanist development west of the Panama Canal designed as a distinct regional metropolitan center. It serves as a model for the peripheral growth of Panama City, contrary to the sprawl currently in vogue.

  • Panama City, Republic of Panama: Located in a private neighborhood in Panama City, Santa Maria Town Center is a 400,000 sf mixed-use development with 100,000 sf of retail and 70 residential units in the form of townhomes and stacked flats.

  • Las Tablas, Republic of Panama: This 26,000 sqm town center located at the eastern edge of the village of La Tablas is Panama's first exurban commercial development based on New Urbanist principles.

  • Cocuye, Republic of Panama: Envisioned as a world class tropical resort and an exemplar of sustainable urbanism, Coral Bay Resort is located on a spectacular coral-laden natural sea cove near the islands of San Blas in northern Panama.

  • Veraguas, Republic of Panama: A 40-unit residential project located on a hilly forested site with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Panama City, Republic of Panama: The Embassy Hills project is situated on a narrow, hilly, 20-hectare site which, despite the severe topographical constraints of its location, has the ambiance of a charming hill town neighborhood.

  • Panama Pacifico, Republic of Panama: A 950-acre neighborhood, which abuts a sloping forest on the decommissioned Howard Air Base, has been carefully designed in response to Panama's tropical climate.

  • Panama City, Republic of Panama: A 1,500-unit residential development located atop one of the tallest and most visible hills in Panama City.

  • Plaisance, Mauritius: A new 45-acre city center adjacent to the international airport in Mauritius, Plaisance Aeroville comprises two distinct places: a mid-rise retail and office campus and a low-rise mixed-use village.

  • Le Chaland, Mauritius: Located on 95 acres of spectacular beachfront in southeast Mauritius, Le Chaland consists of a range of housing types designed in response to local climate and social customs.

  • Kalu Yala, Republic of Panama: A 46-acre sustainable village located in central Panama, Kalu Yala's development is based on principles of environmental conservation and preservation.

  • Coronado, Panama: Located on a beachfront in central Panama, Lago Mar is a 55-acre new town on sloping terrain that offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Island of Anguilla, British West Indies: Designed as an Old World, mixed-use seaside village, the resort community of Porto Temenos serves as a retail, commercial and recreation center for the Caribbean island of Anguilla.



  • In 2011, George J. Moreno & Partners and Moule & Polyzoides joined professional forces to provide urbanist and architectural services to Panamanian clients and have now completed over a dozen projects together.