• Georgetown, Texas: A new traditional neighborhood development located north of Austin, Texas in the outskirts of Georgetown, Cobb Ranch is designed as an ensemble of three neighborhoods, two hamlets and a commercial district, all carefully placed to conserve the existing native vegetation, karst features and salamander habitats.

  • Ventura, California: Parklands, a 67-acre traditional neighborhood development in Ventura, California, is a sustainable community of 500 homes designed around a pedestrian-friendly network of streets and blocks.

  • Visalia, California: The Southeast Area Master Plan is located on an 850-acre greenfield at the edge of Visalia, an important agricultural center founded in 1852 in the heart of California‚Äôs San Joaquin Valley.

  • Paso Robles, California: The 470-acre Olsen Ranch/Beechwood Specific Plan provides the framework for a traditional neighborhood development in the City of Paso Robles, California.