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  • Pasadena, California: Fair Oaks Court is an affordable housing project that combines classic bungalow style with the typology of courtyard housing in one of Pasadena’s older pedestrian-oriented neighborhoods.

  • Glendale, California: As part of a mature neighborhood in north Glendale, this mixed-use development incorporates courtyard spaces, retail, offices and 100 units of housing.

  • Ventura, California: This nearly two-acre mixed-use development is situated on the eastern edge of downtown Ventura in a revitalizing district.

  • Ventura, California: Situated near the historic San Buenaventura Mission, this project reintroduces the courtyard housing typology of Southern California’s past with 41 units over a 50-car subterranean parking garage.

  • Pasadena, California: Granada Court brings courtyard housing to the Playhouse District with 31 luxury apartments over a 50-car subterranean parking garage.

  • Santa Ana, California: Located north of downtown Santa Ana on a one-acre site, this mixed-use project consists of 45 units of housing configured around four unique courtyards that vary in orientation, size and massing.

  • West Hollywood, California: Harper Court revives the courtyard type in Los Angeles, with twenty units organized around four courtyards that feature fountains, exterior fireplaces and rich landscaping throughout.

  • Monrovia, California: Located on a typical Southern California suburban arterial road, Magnolia Court provides sixteen units of affordable housing in a courtyard setting.