• Final presentation to the Al Jamea tus Saifiyah competition jury for the master plan of their campus in Nairobi.

  • The American campus-making tradition is an invaluable source of coherence, the source of many wondrous future projects, and a guarantee for the survival of the American university as an institution of coherence and meaning.


  • Claremont, California: This 130-bed residence hall is located on a narrow site along the northern edge of the campus overlooking the college’s athletic field.

  • Tucson, Arizona: Colonia de la Paz Residence Hall was the first building to be designed implementing the Highland District Master Plan designed by Moule & Polyzoides.

  • Claremont, California: Lyon Court is an addition to Harwood Court, a historic dormitory built in the 1920s just south of Pomona College’s main quadrangle.



  • Report from the Council on the New Urbanism, focusing on urban infill development. Features three Moule & Polyzoides projects: Del Mar Station Transit Village, Mission Meridian Village and UCLA SW Campus Graduate Student Housing. Includes two essays by Stefanos Polyzoides: "Housing Fabric as Town Form" and "The Plazas of New Mexico."