• Local coverage of the recently approved plan for redevelopment of the St. John's Seminary site in San Antonio, Texas which will include design services by Moule & Polyzoides.

  • The San Antonio Express-News covers approval of a plan for revitalizing the St. John's Seminary adjacent to Mission Concepción, bringing 200 apartments to the San Antonio, Texas neighborhood.

  • Los Angeles Times article about the Lancaster Bouelvard Transformation receiving the EPA's National Award for Smart Growth Achievement.

  • Greg Konar, AICP visits Lancaster Boulevard for the first time in seven years to enjoy the cafes and shopping and experience the "astonishing" transformation of Lancaster Boulevard, which is now "the hottest street in Antelope Valley."

  • The Los Angeles Times reports about the controversy between New Urbanist and Modernist architects stirred by the post-Hurricane Katrina charrette in Biloxi.

  • New York Times article about the national charrette that provided emergency urban design services for the reconstruction of Biloxi, Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina.

  • New Urban News article about the revitalization of Downtown Albuquerque, featuring Alvarado Center.

  • Places article by Todd Bressi about Alvarado Center in Albuquerque.

  • Catalog to the 1994 exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, which included Playa Vista and the Los Angeles Downtown Strategic Plan.

  • A guide to the New Urbanism, with case studies of many pioneering projects, including three by Moule & Polyzoides: Playa Vista, University of Arizona Highland District Master Plan and the Los Angeles Downtown Strategic Plan.

  • A survey of Los Angeles' most provocative buildings and landmarks, with an architectural analysis of the entire period of the city's development. Includes contextual discussion of several Moule & Polyzoides projects: Pomona College Harwood-Lyon Court, Beverly Hills Golden Triangle Enhancement, Los Angeles Downtown Strategic Plan and Playa Vista.



  • Biloxi, Mississippi: After the ravages of Hurricane Katrina, Moule & Polyzoides was invited to participate in a national charrette to provide emergency urban design services for the reconstruction of Biloxi.

  • Azusa, California: A component of Azusa’s new General Plan and Development Code, Azusa Station established the new Gold Line light rail station as the northern anchor to the City’s downtown.

  • Albuquerque, New Mexico: The Alvarado Center plan repairs the damages that 1960s urban renewal brought to Albuquerque’s historic center, adding retail, housing and offices and guiding the reconstruction of the Alavardo Hotel and the Santa Fe Depot.

  • Long Beach, California: The Long Beach Civic Center / Lincoln Park Renovation resuscitates Long Beach’s civic heart by adding 40,000 square feet of new uses and restoring the pedestrian-friendly block structure of the historic city.