• Austin, Texas: Restoration of the historic Commodore Perry Estate, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, creating a 53-room hotel and an urban oasis in the center of the Austin.

  • El Paso, Texas: The Northgate Mall Redevelopment is a complex mix of 300,000 square feet of retail, restaurant, entertainment, office space and 450 units of housing, located on the 31-acre site of a failed mall located in the suburbs of El Paso

  • Panama City, Republic of Panama: Located in a private neighborhood in Panama City, Santa Maria Town Center is a 400,000 sf mixed-use development with 100,000 sf of retail and 70 residential units in the form of townhomes and stacked flats.

  • Rio Nuevo, Tucson, Arizona: The Bautista is a mid-rise multi-family, mixed-use project in the new neighborhood of Rio Nuevo in Tucson, located on a streetcar line connecting it to downtown Tucson.

  • Pasadena, California: A new 25,000-square-foot facility, which includes a gym, chapel, meeting rooms and offices, responds to the church’s original 1927 structure, modelled after Rome’s Santa Maria in Cosmedin. The project generates an identifiable campus for St. Andrew with a physical and symbolic presence that connects it to the adjacent city.

  • Redlands, California: The University Village at the University of Redlands is a town-gown project centered on the terminus station of the soon-to-be-built Redlands Passenger Rail Project.

  • Los Angeles, California: Following upon the Moule & Polyzoides Occidental College Master Plan, this new pool complex and tennis center augments and completes the foundation architecture of Myron Hunt in the campus’s athletic quadrant.

  • Rohnert Park, California: This 100,000-square-foot retail and 600-unit transit village is designed around a network of pedestrian-scaled blocks and streets centered on a central park that is visually connected to a new light rail station and to the suburban commercial developments of the surrounding blocks.