• El Paso, Texas: The Northgate Mall Redevelopment is a complex mix of 300,000 square feet of retail, restaurant, entertainment, office space and 450 units of housing, located on the 31-acre site of a failed mall located in the suburbs of El Paso

  • Pasadena, California: Del Mar Station is a transit-oriented development surrounding a prominent Gold Line Metro Station, on the line that connects Los Angeles and Pasadena.

  • Pasadena, California: The Civic Center Master Plan provides a vision and program for revitalizing the heart of Pasadena with guidelines for open space, architecture, landscape, transit, traffic and parking improvements.

  • Los Angeles, California: This project addresses an historically important commercial center, the large and underused Sears & Roebuck warehouse and grounds, in the Boyle Heights neighborhood.

  • Santa Monica, California: A strategy for retrofitting, rebuilding and adding public parking in downtown Santa Monica expands the City’s park-once circulation pattern and creates safe, vibrant and pedestrian-friendly streets.


  • Video about the Lancaster Blvd Transformation, shown at the 2012 Smart Growth Achievement Awards ceremony.

  • The Wall Street Journal reports about changing housing and commuting habits of Americans, focusing on Del Mar Station.

  • Del Mar Station sets an example for car-free, sustainable living writes Pasadena Magazine of the innovative mixed-use, transit-oriented development.

  • New York Times article about frustration with ever worsening traffic features Del Mar Station Transit Village.

  • AirTalk's Larry Mantle discusses New Urbanism with Stefanos Polyzoides, Ventura City Manager Rick Cole and Creative Housing Associates President Michael Dieden.

  • Architecture Magazine interview with Stefanos Polyzoides about anti-sprawl development.


  • Director of Design Vinayak Bharne discussed Mission Meridian Village and Del Mar Station at the 2011 Urban Land Institute TOD Summit in Pasadena, California