• El Paso, Texas: The Northgate Mall Redevelopment is a complex mix of 300,000 square feet of retail, restaurant, entertainment, office space and 450 units of housing, located on the 31-acre site of a failed mall located in the suburbs of El Paso

  • Pasadena, California: Del Mar Station is a transit-oriented development surrounding a prominent Gold Line Metro Station, on the line that connects Los Angeles and Pasadena.

  • Pasadena, California: The Civic Center Master Plan provides a vision and program for revitalizing the heart of Pasadena with guidelines for open space, architecture, landscape, transit, traffic and parking improvements.

  • Los Angeles, California: This project addresses an historically important commercial center, the large and underused Sears & Roebuck warehouse and grounds, in the Boyle Heights neighborhood.

  • Santa Monica, California: A strategy for retrofitting, rebuilding and adding public parking in downtown Santa Monica expands the City’s park-once circulation pattern and creates safe, vibrant and pedestrian-friendly streets.


  • Video about the Lancaster Blvd Transformation, shown at the 2012 Smart Growth Achievement Awards ceremony.

  • A CBS news report about new signs that Americans are beginning to make big changes in where they live, what they drive and how they get to work as gas prices zoom ever higher.

  • The Wall Street Journal reports about changing housing and commuting habits of Americans, focusing on Del Mar Station.

  • Del Mar Station sets an example for car-free, sustainable living writes Pasadena Magazine of the innovative mixed-use, transit-oriented development.

  • New York Times article about frustration with ever worsening traffic features Del Mar Station Transit Village.

  • AirTalk's Larry Mantle discusses New Urbanism with Stefanos Polyzoides, Ventura City Manager Rick Cole and Creative Housing Associates President Michael Dieden.

  • Architecture Magazine interview with Stefanos Polyzoides about anti-sprawl development.


  • Director of Design Vinayak Bharne discussed Mission Meridian Village and Del Mar Station at the 2011 Urban Land Institute TOD Summit in Pasadena, California