• Alamo Heights, Texas: This plan for a one-mile corridor recasts streets as urban avenues with wide sidewalks, landscaped medians and a streetcar, with plans for developing mixed-use and multi-family buildings supported by transit and a park-once district.

  • Beverly Hills, California: The character of the Golden Triangle has been strengthened by transforming the area into a park-once district, adding improved landscape and lighting, and adopting a code to guide the design of future buildings.

  • Yorba Linda, California: The Downtown Development Plan will guide the revitalization of Yorba Linda's traditional core with a multi-faceted program that addresses retail, housing and civic issues.

  • Culver City, California: Adjacent to the historic Helms Bakery complex in Culver City, Culver Crossings consolidated an amorphous area into a major town center.

  • Lubbock, Texas: A mixed-use town-gown district on the western edge of Texas Tech benefits both the school and the surrounding neighborhoods.

  • Santa Monica, California: A strategy for retrofitting, rebuilding and adding public parking in downtown Santa Monica expands the City’s park-once circulation pattern and creates safe, vibrant and pedestrian-friendly streets.