• Veraguas, Republic of Panama: Located on a hilly site in Panama with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, Altos de Morrillo fronts one of the best surfing beaches in Central America.

  • Arraijan, Panama Oeste, Republic of Panama: Costa del Oeste project is the first New Urbanist development west of the Panama Canal designed as a distinct regional metropolitan center. It serves as a model for the peripheral growth of Panama City, contrary to the sprawl currently in vogue.

  • Panama City, Republic of Panama: Located in a private neighborhood in Panama City, Santa Maria Town Center is a 400,000 sf mixed-use development with 100,000 sf of retail and 70 residential units in the form of townhomes and stacked flats.

  • Las Tablas, Republic of Panama: This 26,000 sqm town center located at the eastern edge of the village of La Tablas is Panama's first exurban commercial development based on New Urbanist principles.

  • La Chorrera, Republic of Panama: Market Plaza features 600 dwelling units and 27,500 square meters of retail and office space in the suburbs of Panama City.

  • Cocuye, Republic of Panama: Envisioned as a world class tropical resort and an exemplar of sustainable urbanism, Coral Bay Resort is located on a spectacular coral-laden natural sea cove near the islands of San Blas in northern Panama.

  • Santa Clara, Republic of Panama: A new town center located on the Carretera Panamericana in Santa Clara comprising retail stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, office space, a boutique hotel and 50 units of housing.

  • Veraguas, Republic of Panama: A 40-unit residential project located on a hilly forested site with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Panama City, Republic of Panama: A 600-unit New Urbanists neighborhood comprising a variety of building and unit types, all surrounded by a rich public realm of open space.

  • Panama Pacifico, Republic of Panama: A 950-acre neighborhood, which abuts a sloping forest on the decommissioned Howard Air Base, has been carefully designed in response to Panama's tropical climate.

  • Zhengzhou, Republic of China: Provence Midtown, a mile-square new town located in central China along a regional highway, consists of a regional commercial center, hospital, office park and three neighborhoods.

  • Nairobi, Kenya: The fourteen-acre Al Jamea tus Saifiyah campus is one of three worldwide campuses of the Islamic Daudi Bohra sect. The master plan is conceived as an intricate sequence of quads and courts open to the sky and embodying sacred Bohra tenets through specific landscape elements.

  • Panama Pacifico, Republic of Panama: A modest 40-unit project designed as a traditional court that responds to the tropical climate of Panama with passive cooling, protection from the sun and rain and appropriate materials incorporated into the design.

  • Le Chaland, Mauritius: Located on 95 acres of spectacular beachfront in southeast Mauritius, Le Chaland consists of a range of housing types designed in response to local climate and social customs.

  • Kalu Yala, Republic of Panama: A 46-acre sustainable village located in central Panama, Kalu Yala's development is based on principles of environmental conservation and preservation.

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates: This 77-acre, 400-unit neighborhood, part of the 20-square-mile Arabian Canal City in Dubai, was conceived in response to a need for housing for foreign workers.

  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Situated along a marina in Abu Dhabi, this 400-room luxury hotel features a variety of suites and penthouses, high-end retail, conference facilities, world-class restaurants, a luxury spa and a yacht club.

  • Coronado, Panama: Located on a beachfront in central Panama, Lago Mar is a 55-acre new town on sloping terrain that offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Located on a breakwater surrounding the Palm Deira, an extension to the heart of downtown Dubai, the Palm Deira Crescent Module separates the area’s private lagoons from the Persian Gulf.

  • Al Aqair, Saudi Arabia: This new 600-acre town on the Arabian Bay is set among the traditional pearl farming and trading villages of eastern Saudi Arabia.

  • Island of Anguilla, British West Indies: Designed as an Old World, mixed-use seaside village, the resort community of Porto Temenos serves as a retail, commercial and recreation center for the Caribbean island of Anguilla.

  • Domodedovo, Russia: A component of the Calthorpe & Associates-designed Domodedovo Master Plan, the Yuzhnoye Neighborhood is a 425-acre extension to a Moscow suburb.

  • Guatemala City, Guatemala: Cayala Town Center is one of six neighborhoods planned for this 1,000-acre city that was master planned in 2003 by Leon Krier and Estudio Urbano.



  • In a video address to the Board of Directors of our Provence Midtown client in Zhengzhou, China, Stefanos Polyzoides discusses the principles of the New Urbanism and how they are specifically applied to the project.

  • In 2011, George J. Moreno & Partners and Moule & Polyzoides joined professional forces to provide urbanist and architectural services to Panamanian clients and have now completed over a dozen projects together.

  • Director of Design Vinayak Bharne has edited this collection of twenty-four scholarly essays, including four of his own, that surveys the multifarious urbanities and urbanisms that constitute the Asian urban landscape.

  • Final presentation to the Al Jamea tus Saifiyah competition jury for the master plan of their campus in Nairobi.


  • Planetizen managing editor Jonathan Nettler interviews Vinayak Bharne about the genesis of his book, what defines Asian cities and how planners need to alter their practices to engage with them.