• The first pictures of the sky were taken on glass photographic plates and these treasured artifacts can still help scientists make discoveries today; the Hale Solar Laboratory, located at the residence of Liz and Stefanos, has been a trove of these historic scientific objects.

  • The San Antonio Express-News covers approval of a plan for revitalizing the St. John's Seminary adjacent to Mission Concepción, bringing 200 apartments to the San Antonio, Texas neighborhood.

  • Elizabeth Moule & Stefanos Polyzoides discuss their practice, New Urbanism, their partnership and their life together in Pasadena.

  • Mercado Neighborhood, the Robert Redford Building for the Natural Resources Defense Council and Del Mar Station Transit Village are featured in this book of exemplary urban design.

  • Pasadena Star News writes about the restoration of the Vista del Arroyo Bungalows.

  • Pasadena Star-News reports about the plans to rehabilitate the Vista del Arroyo bungalows.

  • Pasadena Star-News article about the rehabilitation of the Vista del Arroyo Bungalows.

  • Report from the Council on the New Urbanism, focusing on urban infill development. Features three Moule & Polyzoides projects: Del Mar Station Transit Village, Mission Meridian Village and UCLA SW Campus Graduate Student Housing. Includes two essays by Stefanos Polyzoides: "Housing Fabric as Town Form" and "The Plazas of New Mexico."




  • Los Angeles, California: Following upon the Moule & Polyzoides Occidental College Master Plan, this new pool complex and tennis center augments and completes the foundation architecture of Myron Hunt in the campus’s athletic quadrant.

  • Paso Robles, California: The Uptown/Town Centre Specific Plan provides a vision for a 1,000-acre, 245-block planning area, merging rich historic traditions with contemporary needs.

  • Albuquerque, New Mexico: A transformation of Los Poblanos and La Quinta into a country inn and sustainable farm solved the complex preservation and development pressures that faced the historic property.

  • San Antonio, Texas: This vision plan for the adaptive reuse of the historic Pearl Brewery addresses new and renewed buildings, providing space for restaurants, residences, studios, shops, educational facilities, offices and public spaces.

  • Santa Clara, California: An updated plan for Adobe Lodge and Nobili Hall, located in the University’s oldest buildings, renews and preserves the character of the campus’s most important historic precinct while accommodating modern needs.

  • Downey, California: The redevelopment of Downey Studios creates a true town center on an historic 80-acre property in one of Southern California's Gateway Cities, the birthplace of the Apollo space program.

  • Claremont, California: The master plan for Scripps College, an historic campus listed on the National Register of Historic Places, outlines a series of carefully crafted interventions that preserves the human scale of the buildings and the lush landscape while accommodating future campus expansion.

  • Los Angeles, California: Located high in the spectacular Angeles Crest National Forest, this new Visitors' Center includes a museum, an outdoor stargazing amphitheater and a residential inn for the historic Mount Wilson Observatory campus.

  • Pasadena, California: The restoration of the Vista del Arroyo Bungalows has transformed an important yet neglected historic Pasadena site into luxury housing on a dramatic location adjacent to the iconic Colorado Street Bridge.

  • Los Angeles, California: This master plan for a 100-year-old small liberal arts institution in Los Angeles adds nearly 600,000 square feet of new building area and outlines guiding principles for architecture, landscape, historic preservation, transportation and sustainability.

  • Williams Bay, Wisconsin: This master plan recasts the historic Yerkes Observatory campus as an independent educational institute with classrooms, visitor housing and a conference center.

  • West Hollywood, California: The Sunset Hotel & Residences draw inspiration from the rich Southern California courtyard tradition, providing 20 condominium units and 60 hotel rooms.

  • San Simeon, California: The preservation of San Simeon Village entails transforming the 23-acre site into an inn based on the interpretation of the plan first drawn by Julia Morgan in the 1920s.

  • Ventura, California: Located on a sloping site with beautiful ocean views in Ventura's pedestrian-oriented downtown, 42 North Chestnut is a mixed-use and adaptive reuse project with 51 condominium units on a nearly two-acre site.

  • Azusa, California: A component of Azusa’s new General Plan and Development Code, Azusa Station established the new Gold Line light rail station as the northern anchor to the City’s downtown.

  • Pasadena, California: Moule & Polyzoides completed the rehabilitation of the Neff Ruppel offices in 1998 and has made the building its professional home ever since.

  • Claremont, California: The Pomona College Strategic Master Plan will guide growth and development of this historic 100-acre campus for the next 25 years.

  • Pasadena, California: The Polytechnic School Master Plan proposes patterns of future growth, emphasizing the definition of open space and landscape framework supported by transportation and other infrastructure improvements.

  • San Marino, California: This 1908 structure designed by Myron Hunt was renovated, elevating its exhibition spaces to the highest level of performance while carefully maintaining historic architectural character.

  • Los Angeles, California: Moule & Polyzoides restored the original modernist aesthetic to the administration and reception room at Village Green, reclaiming hidden linoleum floor tiles, cork wall panels, historic colors, fixtures, hardware and an important mural by noted Los Angeles artist Rico Lebrun.

  • Santa Monica, California: Badly damaged by the Northridge earthquake, this 1920s beach front estate designed by Julia Morgan has been restored and transformed into a community center with a restaurant, public gathering places and an interpretive center.

  • Los Angeles, California: Decommissioned in 1994, this plan for an historic Roman Catholic Cathedral preserves the building and transforms it into a museum of Latino culture.

  • Claremont, California: The restoration of Balch Hall revitalizes this 1929 building, including its large performance hall and accompanying gardens.


  • Presentation by Associate David Thurman at the Society for College and University Planning, Pacific Regional Symposium, Los Angeles

  • Lecture about noted Southern California architect Wallace Neff at the Gamble House in Pasadena