• Albuquerque, New Mexico : The Sawmill District in Albuquerque is reimagined as a 24/7 cultural, dining, specialty retail, hospitality and entertainment hub. With attractive storefronts, plentiful landscaping, streets and sidewalks, the district is transformed into a rich, open-space network centered on a public plaza.

  • Arraijan, Panama Oeste, Republic of Panama: Costa del Oeste project is the first New Urbanist development west of the Panama Canal designed as a distinct regional metropolitan center. It serves as a model for the peripheral growth of Panama City, contrary to the sprawl currently in vogue.

  • Montclair, California: The North Montclair Transit Village Specific Plan mitigates the City’s sprawl by establishing a framework and development strategy for a pedestrian-oriented retail and residential district surrounding the city’s regional transit center.

  • Georgetown, Texas: A new traditional neighborhood development located north of Austin, Texas in the outskirts of Georgetown, Cobb Ranch is designed as an ensemble of three neighborhoods, two hamlets and a commercial district, all carefully placed to conserve the existing native vegetation, karst features and salamander habitats.

  • San Antonio, Texas: A form-based code with a detailed implementation strategy provides the framework for transforming an under-performing area immediately north of downtown San Antonio into a lively pedestrian-oriented district.

  • Ventura, California: The new master plan and form-based code for the 50-year-old, 330-acre Ventura Harbor District encourages new development, enhances recreation and establishes a highly sustainable infrastructure.

  • Santa Paula, California: The 500-acre East Area One Plan is organized as three walkable neighborhoods and a civic facilities district, preserving agricultural land in the hills.

  • Ventura, California: The Community Memorial Hospital District Master Plan introduces a replacement hospital building into a revitalized new hospital district.

  • City of Sunland Park, New Mexico:This master plan for Sunland Park, an important cross-border region, includes a new international border crossing, a downtown district with new civic and entertainment centers and a mixed-use corridor that includes residential and retail development.

  • Pasadena, California: The Civic Center Master Plan provides a vision and program for revitalizing the heart of Pasadena with guidelines for open space, architecture, landscape, transit, traffic and parking improvements.

  • Burbank, California: This plan proposes a pedestrian-friendly, 600-unit mixed-use transit village on 11 acres of land divided by the Metrolink and the Golden State Freeway.

  • Oakland, California: This ten-acre mixed-use transit-oriented development located near downtown Oakland will revitalize a blighted and fractured community surrounding one of Oakland’s seven BART stations.

  • Los Angeles, California: Playa Vista restores and preserves over 300 acres of wetlands while creating walkable districts and neighborhoods of courtyard housing and townhouses with small parks, schools, retail and civic facilities.


  • Stefanos delivered the keynote presentation at CNU 22 about the CNU-sponsored study undertaken by Moule & Polyzoides to convert Buffalo's Inner Harbor Freeway into a boulevard while transforming the surrounding 400 acres fronting Lake Erie into a series of new neighborhoods and districts.

  • A presentation that focused on the key principles the Charter of the New Urbanism, and their application to some of our recent neighborhood and district- scale projects in the Republic of Panama.

  • At CNU 19, Stefanos Polyzoides discussed TOD as an idea about neighborhood- and district-making.


  • CNU's "Public Square" discusses the Lancaster Boulevard Transformation and it's EPA National Award for Smart Growth Achievement.

  • Rye Baerg visits Lancaster Boulevard to experience "the amazing transformation" of Lancaster's downtown and describes the street redesign as "a resounding success for businesses and residents."

  • New Urban News reports about how our River North District Master Plan will revitalize an underutilized 377-acre precinct and extend San Antonio's beloved Riverwalk.

  • The Planning Report interviews Stefanos Polyzoides about the opportunities that the Los Angeles region faces.

  • New Urban News article about the revitalization of Downtown Albuquerque, featuring Alvarado Center.

  • Catalog published in conjunction with the exhibition, Dynamic City, presented at the Centre International pour la Ville, l'Architecture et le Paysage in Brussels, Belgium (in French).

  • A guide to the New Urbanism, with case studies of many pioneering projects, including three by Moule & Polyzoides: Playa Vista, University of Arizona Highland District Master Plan and the Los Angeles Downtown Strategic Plan.

  • A survey of Los Angeles' most provocative buildings and landmarks, with an architectural analysis of the entire period of the city's development. Includes contextual discussion of several Moule & Polyzoides projects: Pomona College Harwood-Lyon Court, Beverly Hills Golden Triangle Enhancement, Los Angeles Downtown Strategic Plan and Playa Vista.

  • L.A. Architect article by Peter Deveraux about Playa Vista project.



  • Concentrations of civic, institutional, and commercial activity should be embedded in neighborhoods and districts, not isolated in remote, single-use complexes.