• Rio Nuevo, Tucson, Arizona: The Bautista is a mid-rise multi-family, mixed-use project in the new neighborhood of Rio Nuevo in Tucson, located on a streetcar line connecting it to downtown Tucson.

  • Veraguas, Republic of Panama: A 40-unit residential project located on a hilly forested site with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Tucson, Arizona: The 25,000-square-foot neighborhood center for the new town of Civano incorporates covered patios, shaded courtyards, deeply recessed openings, rammed-earth and adobe walls, wind towers and other passive cooling techniques.

  • Santa Monica, California: Badly damaged by the Northridge earthquake, this 1920s beach front estate designed by Julia Morgan has been restored and transformed into a community center with a restaurant, public gathering places and an interpretive center.



  • Edited by Stefanos Polyzoides and Chris Wilson, this landmark volume documents the urban history of the State of New Mexico, one of the most architecturally distinguished places in the United States.