Praise for Santa Ana Renaissance Specific Plan

Karen Haluza, Planning Manager, City of Santa Ana (2011)

Park with restored YMCA building, Santa Ana Renaissance Specific Plan, Santa Ana, California

“The City of Santa Ana faced the challenge of planning for the integration of new transit systems into the fabric of an existing mature city. This complex planning effort involved a multitude of disciplines including transportation engineering, Architecture, Historic Preservation, land use planning, economics and community outreach. Moule and Polyzoides led this planning effort and brought all the skills, resources and talent necessary to make it successful.

“The Plan was adopted in June of 2010 and we have already begun to see the very positive results of having such a plan in place. The adoption of the Code created value for existing properties resulting in high-quality new development. The design tools that are an integral component of the Code have enabled us to ensure that existing Neighborhoods are not impacted by the new development and that the quality and design will endure over time. The adoption of the Code also enabled the City to successfully compete for transit grant funding due to the fact that the City was able to show that its land use policies support the development of new transit. I strongly recommend Moule & Polyzoides.”

Karen Haluza, AICP, Planning Manager, City of Santa Ana