Praise for Paso Robles Uptown/Town Centre Specific Plan

Ron Whisenand, Community Development Director | Ed Gallagher, City Planner (2011)

Farmer’s Alliance Building, Paso Robles Uptown/Town Centre Specific Plan, Paso Robles, California

“The Moule and Polyzoides team assisted the City of Paso Robles in drafting a 1,100-acre Specific Plan covering the City’s historic core and Neighborhoods. The City was experiencing pressure to expand downtown retail businesses but didn’t have the tools to dictate the character of new buildings, direct the location of expansion pressure, or plan for needed infrastructure to support the growth. Furthermore, our uptown Neighborhoods lacked needed services and pedestrian amenities to attract renewed interest in redevelopment, or allow residents to more fully utilize their Neighborhoods.

“Housing variety, mixed-use commercial buildings, Park-Once strategies and great pedestrian amenities were adopted as tools for a changing Paso Robles to remain a desirable place for residents and visitors alike. The Plan has been instrumental in providing a deeply shared community vision and the implementation tools to guide infill/mixed-use development, most recently in the redevelopment of the Oak Park Public Housing Project.

“I wanted to make sure I expressed my appreciation...Thank you Juan and thank you Stefanos.”

Ronald Whisenand, Community Development Director, City of El Paso de Robles, California


“Last night, our City Council, on a 5-0 vote, approved the Uptown/Town Centre Specific Plan and its attendant General Plan and Zoning Code Amendments… This is a most auspicious event for Paso Robles!  We are ever so grateful for your professionalism, expert guidance, and sage advice. And now, the work continues as we set forth to implement it. Thank you again, this time for your patience and forbearance!”

Ed Gallagher, City Planner, City of El Paso de Robles