Good Morning Elizabeth, Stefanos, and the MPA Office,

This is just a brief note to express appreciation and gratitude for the work you do. We don’t know each other at all, but I’m absolutely familiar with your work (mostly in Pasadena, as I was once a resident), and I only now know that it’s your office creating the beautiful courtyard and plaza spaces throughout Southern California. I’m a grad student at SCI-Arc and am currently working on my thesis—a kind of radical master plan for Downtown LA based on the characteristics of mat buildings, utilizing an infill strategy, and focusing on walkability and greenspace—and I was just doing some reading, and your names came up in a book called Dream Cities by Wade Graham. In the chapter titled Corals, there was a reference to your focus on courtyards, density, public space, pedestrian-friendly walkable cities, etc., and so I did a quick search. I love what you do—please keep going. Los Angeles needs you.

You have a new fan and follower.


Ashley Morgan Hastings
Graduate Student
SCI-Arc || M.Arch Candidate, 2018