Stefanos Teaches at Harvard Graduate School of Design Executive Education Program


(left to right) Harvard Square; Harvard Steps; Beverly Hills Golden Triangle Enhancement, Moule & Polyzoides

Stefanos Polyzoides was an instructor this year in Robert Gibbs's acclaimed program, "Urban Retail: Essential Planning, Design, and Management Practices." The course explored how proven principles of retail development can be combined with the best practices of New Urbanism, Smart Growth and architectural design to create successful and competitive mixed-use urban commercial centers.

The program covered many topics, among them the required market demographics for various retailers, shopping center typologies and consumer psychographics, as well as the nuts and bolts of how to program, plan and design competitive retail in historic downtowns, underperforming shopping centers and new ground-up mixed-use town centers and lifestyle centers.

Instructors: Robert J. Gibbs, PLA, ASLA, CNU, Gibbs Planning Group, Birmingham Michigan; Terry Shook, FAIA, Shook Kelly, Charlotte North Carolina. Guest speakers: Stefanos Polyzoides, Moule & Polyzoides, Architects and Urbanists, Pasadena California; Yaromir Steiner, Steiner + Associates, Columbus Ohio; Jane Grabowski-Miller, Erdman Development Group, Middleton Wisconsin; Steven Sugg, University Place, Washington.