Parklands Specific Plan Adopted by City of Ventura


Illustrative plan, Parklands Specific Plan, Ventura, California

Parklands, Moule & Polyzoides’s design of a 67-acre Traditional Neighborhood Development in Ventura, California, has been adopted by the City of Ventura. A Sustainable Mixed-Use community designed around a pedestrian-friendly network of streets and blocks, the Parklands design ushered in the era of sustainable planning in the City of Ventura just as a new General Plan effort began.

The design includes more than 11 acres of open space, integrates landscaped permeable alleys, storm water retention strategies, restoration of an existing barranca and encourages permeable pavement. The Plan also includes 500 units of varying housing types, retail uses and a central park and pool facility that are the focus of an intricate network of pocket parks and rose walks. Parklands draws upon Ventura’s long history of unique traditional Neighborhoods to create a charming pedestrian-oriented place that enhances the fabric of one of California’s oldest cities.