Moule & Polyzoides Selected to Lead Major Planning Effort for Fresno, California


Aerial of downtown Fresno Specific Plan project area, Downtown Fresno Specific Plan, Fresno, California

Moule & Polyzoides has been selected to lead a major planning effort for Fresno, California, the state’s fifth largest city. The Fulton Corridor Plan will encompass several distinct areas, including the Central Business District (including the Fulton Mall), a new high-speed rail station and a variety of surrounding Neighborhoods. In all, the Plan area is approximately 7,000 acres.

The effort represents an important opportunity to revitalize the core of one of California’s longstanding regional centers. Fresno’s importance began at its founding in 1872, sparking a half century of growth and prosperity until World War II. This was followed by a period of downtown decline coinciding with the growth of outlying suburbs. In response to evolving, long-term challenges, the Plan seeks to reinvigorate the City by creating comprehensive vision and implementation strategies for future development.

The Plan will incorporate extensive outreach and focus on revitalization, aesthetics, infrastructure and the attraction and expansion of businesses. It will include a Specific Plan, Community Plan and a supporting environmental document. The effort is scheduled to be completed over the course of nearly three years.